Butterflies Chairs Collection

ADN Gallery

During Design Week Mexico 2011, ADN Gallery presents: Identity and Dialogue Design in Mexico. This exhibition seeks to establish a creative dialogue between vintage or antique pieces and contemporary design pieces. A group of 12 designers have made ​​a selection of 12 pieces of ADN collection, pieces that were born or flourished in Mexico in the past, some Mexican design icons of the twentieth century, other, popular designs and unsigned have been part of daily life in Mexico for years, others, designs s. XVIII, but in all cases, very special pieces that have inspired these designers to make new creations from them.

ADN presents this collection as a collaborative effort to continue the great tradition of design that exist in Mexico, establishing the link between ancient and contemporary.

The 12 Mexican designers as part of this project are:

Ariel Rojo, Yolanda Resendiz and Jesus Renteria ( tsimàni STUDIO ), Joel Escalona, Adriana and Alberto Diaz de Cossio, Cecilia León de la Barra, Mauricio Lara, Sebastian Lara, Thierry Jeannot, Barrera Kythzia, Carmen Tapia, Jorge Diego Etienne.

DNA seeks to expand its proposal to include a section of contemporary Mexican design.

Yolanda Resendiz and Jesus Renteria, designers from tsimáni STUDIO, used more than a thousand small rolls of colored paper to build a seat, reinterpreted Pedro Friedeberg Butterfly chair in a dialogue proposed by the ADN gallery.

By confessing his admiration for the painter, architect and engraver, explained that in reviewing the catalog of the gallery, which specializes in vintage furniture, shape and color of the saddle coil Friedeberg reminded them to build a new version.

"Our technique is paper of various colors to wind, we have a collection called Serpentine and offer a full line of decorative as vases, pots, jewelry and trinkets, but it was a challenge to make a chair, took about 500 rolls for base support and the other 700, "Renteria explained in an interview.