Tsimani Studio


It is a design studio that works with mexican traditional references. In a global, industrialized society, tsimáni has decided to bet on back to home, work with the hands and hybrid processes (industrial and artisanal) that make each piece a unique work, with its own identity while integrating into the layout fair trade.

The paper has been the main raw material, malleable and noble, has become an ally to generate objects that range from the sculpture and the decorative and yet are of an elegant simplicity. Experimentation and reinterpretation of everyday life are the main working guidelines.

Tsimáni are interested in rediscovering themes, objects and materials that are also interested in working with emotion, memories, surprise and satisfaction of being or having something different, unique.

Its skill and ability developer has allowed three lines of work: jewelry, decorative objects and art pieces, limited editions or unique pieces all handmade, signed and numbered so it offers a unique and irreplaceable object. So far his most emblematic work is the Serpentina Collection, With it has developed a new technique originated from a craft. Inspired by the famous and very traditional strip of paper of different colors used in México to decorate, play or celebrate a special event. Tsimáni aware of the times we live in and thinking about being environmentally friendly, uses no solvents or resins applied by spraying, the paper they use has a high percentage of recycled materials and generates no waste or toxic waste.

Tsimani thinks, the future of Mexican design should be linked to its past, its present, full of cultural wealth, solving specific needs, designing a pleasant environment, contemporary and with which we are identified.

Tsimani means number two in Purépecha languaje. Purepechas are an indigenous people centered in the northwestern region of the Mexican state of Michoacán.

2000, BA in Industrial Design, Division of Arts and Sciences for the design,
Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana - Xochimilco,
Mexico, Federal District.
2006, Campana Studio Workshop, Vitra Design Museum, Boisbuchet, France.
2008, Consulting for suppliers of tourism in Mexico City in the following industries: jewelry and decorative items. EUROCENTRO NAFIN and Secretary of Economy.
2009, International Finance and promoting the European Union iV ALINVEST Central America, Mexico, Cuba. NAFIN and Eurocentro Nafin.

Solo Exhibitions
2011, "Succulent Serpentine", Gallery 174 Medellín. Mexico D.F.
2011, "Collection Serpentine" Hiperlumen Valley. School of Art-gallery "du". Mexico D.F.

Group Exhibitions
2006, 2007, 2008 SALPRO space, Gift Fair, Mexico City
2007, Macef, Milan, Italy
2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 Bazar Trend, Mexico, DF
2006, 2007, 2008, Galeria Mexicana de Diseno, Mexico City
2007, New Traditional Jewellry, SIERAAD-Other Design Exhibition, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
2008, 2009, International Gift Fair, New York, USA.
2009, 2010, Habitat Expo, Hall + Design, Mexico City
2009, National Small Business Week 2009. Mexico D.F.
2009, Exhibition of "Furniture 3M Contest" Program Inn 3m Art.
2009, Life and design. 125 years of industrial design in Mexico, Palacio de Iturbide
Fomento Cultural Banamex, A. C., Mexico, D.F.
2010, International Spring Fair, Birmingham, UK.
2010, "Rethinking Tradition", Contemporary Design from Mexico. Cultural Institute of Mexico in Washington, DC. USA.
2010, Lecture Our fine papers in
Mexican companies, presented by Lumen. Mexico D.F.
2010, UAM-Xochimilco, Conference and Presentation of Design Day, Mexico City
2010, edition of the program: Destination MoMA Design submitted for
"Play House". Mexico D.F.
2010, Participation in the First International Forum of Architecture, Art and Design
at the Technological University of Mexico Campus Atizapan. State of Mexico.
2010, Design Week Mexico, Exhibition "What Brightens Your Ideas?." Centre of Architecture and Design CAD. Mexico D.F.
2010, DNA Gallery x 12 Design, Identity and Dialogue Design in Mexico. Mexico D.F.
2010, SOFA, The world `s Foresmost, of Temporary Decorative Art Fairs
& Design. Chicago, IL, USA.
2010, Bicentennial National SME Week, the International Centre
Exhibitions and Conventions, Banamex Convention Center. Mexico D.F.
2010, Ku Collective Nemus-Urbe. Pieces inspired by the passage of human
in different habitats. Mexico D.F.
2010, "Arta of the Same, The series seriously," Medellín Gallery 174. Mexico D.F.
2010, "Line 20/20" Collective exhibition at Galeria Mexicana de Diseno, Mexico City
2010.2011, "Think Again: New Latin American Jewelry" Museum of Art and Design in New York. USA.
2011, "New Mexico Design, Create Home", El Palacio de Hierro. Mexico D.F.

Awards and Recognitions

2010 within 213 finalists selected from more than 3800 participants in the contest Iida 2010, Green Heart, organized by Designboom "Col. Pitas "
2009 Recognition by the Department of Economics, 20 companies Case Studies nationally and Image to the National Small Business Week 2009.
2009, Participation and finalist in National Competition "MMobiliario 3M" program Art Inn 3m. MUMEDI
2009, participation in selection of 400 designers, Industrial Design Competition Mischieve Hornitos.
2009, Honorable Mention Contest "cellular only" MUMEDI. Mexico Mexican Museum of Design
2008, selected in the national competition for emerging craft, Murrieta Foundation. Mexico
2007, Selected for New Traditional Jewellry exhibition-Sierra, Netherlands
2007 Finalist Prize XVII Quorum. Mexico
2006, Award for design space, Salpro Group.
2005, Commendation Bronze Award XV Quorum
2001, national recognition, SEDESOL
2001, Award for social service, ANUIES


  • interior design
  • paper
  • fine art
  • crafts


  • interior design
  • fine art